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SuperWine China May 29-31, 2019

Time:May 29-31, 2019

Venue:NECC – Hongqiao•Shanghai Show Principle:100% focus on wine trade and business in China

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Base in Shanghai, SuperWine China will sets a most professional wine purchasing platform to producers & importers, as well as providing valuable market insights, trends and innovations for Chinese wine industry, to attract buyers from Asia and China, particular from Yangtze River Delta area.

Professional channels: • enterprise platforms: group purchase units, associations, business groups, state-owned enterprises, international companies, etc. Terminal network seller, online store e-commerce, etc. • retail agent: Shanghai and surrounding cities more than 30 m wine industry wholesalers, distributors, retailers, agents, importers, downstream distributors and conduits, large supermarkets and supermarket chains; • catering and entertainment: large hotels, high-end western restaurants, nightclubs and restaurant chains. • transportation: duty-free shops, duty-free operators, airlines, cruise ships and ferry companies with alcohol demand. 2. Industry customers: • enterprises: decision supervisor, purchasing department staff, purchasing manager, buyer, designer, etc., of liquor importers, agents and traders; • catering: wine tasters, bartenders, wine appraisers, Chinese and western chefs, pastry chefs, western pastry chefs, confectioners, gourmets, etc. • media: wine, consumer, food, hotel and health; 3. Fans: The real estate, aerospace, automotive, luxury brands such as VIP customers, financial institutions VIP customers, based in Ningbo companies in the business elite, white-collar workers, senior management, the government personnel of wine lovers and fans.

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