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12-16/09/2021 Postponed: 13th IWA Conference on Instrumentation, Control and Automation

  • COUNTRY China

  • CITY Beijing




  • Sensors and instrumentation systems

  • On-line monitoring and control of wastewater collection (sewer networks) and treatment systems

  • On-line monitoring and control of water treatment and distribution systems

  • On-line monitoring and control of advanced water treatment systems for water recycling and reuse

  • On-line monitoring of river quality

  • Plants wide control and automation

  • Integrated control of sewers and wastewater treatment plants

  • Modelling and simulation for control and operation

  • Early warning, fault detection and diagnosis, and fault-tolerant control

  • Information systems for operation and control

  • Decision support systems

  • Risk assessment

  • Big data

  • Internet of Things

  • Smart water systems

Water underpins every aspect of human and environmental existence. The severe water challenges facing the world today require an unprecedented global response. IWA members are situated in 140 countries worldwide, forming the largest international network of water professionals working towards a water wise world.

Innovative, solutions- and service- oriented, we work across a range of areas that contribute to the progression of water management worldwide. Transformation cannot take place on its own in a vacuum. Rather the ideas for solutions to these challenges will be fomented and rigorously debated among the IWA’s institutions and membership.

The International Water Association is an open, yet ordered platform in which both innovators and adopters of new technologies and approaches can generate creative friction. It is a place for diffusion, benchmarking and evidence.

Our programmes develop research and projects focused on solutions for water and wastewater management; we organise world-class events that bring the latest science, technology and best practice to the water sector at large; we work to place water on the global political agenda and to influence best practice in regulation and policy making; and we do this via the IWA’s global membership.

Learn more about the IWA Strategic Plan 2019-2024 (available for download in English, French, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese) to understand how we will achieve a stronger culture of service, and a unique value proposition for our members through:

  • Professional Development programs

  • Leadership Development, inside and outside the association

  • Agenda setting programmatic work to generate pride in our membership

  • Global networking opportunities for members to connect with people and ideas.


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