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15 Oct 4 Nov 2021 The 130th Canton Fair Autumn 2021

COVID 19 - change all plans.

Follow our near updates!

Phase 1: 15th-19th October 2021 9:30-18:00(not confirmed)

  • Phase 2: 23rd-27th October 2021 9:30-18:00(not confirmed)

  • Phase 3: 31st Oct.-4th Nov. 2021 9:30-18:00(not confirmed)

Dates for Canton Fair 2021 - 2022, China Import and Export Fair Schedule

Because of the cov19 pandemic, the 128th Canton Fair was held online from October 15 to 24, 2020. The following information is for the regular Canton Fair only. No news about the next Canton Fair yet. Canton Fair has a Spring session and Autumn session - two sessions each year.

  • Each session has 3 phases that show different products.

  • Phase 1 shows electrical and electronic products, building materials, industrial products, etc.

  • Phase 2 shows products as household items, ceramics, consumer goods, home decorations, gifts, toys, cosmetics, and furniture, etc.

  • Phase 3 shows clothing, footwear, bags, and food, medicine, etc.


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