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2018 Ningbo Magnetic Materials and Small Motor Exhibition

2018 Ningbo Magnetic Materials and Small Motor Exhibition

2018 Ningbo Magnetic Materials and Small Motor Exhibition

2018 September 13~15 Ningbo International Conference and ExhibitionCenter

China (ningbo) New Material and Industrialization International Forum Divided Activities

Host: Chinese Mechanical Engineering society, Ningbo Economic Committee,Ningbo Institute of MaterialsTechnology&Engineering Chinese Academy of Sciences ,Chinese Weapon Science Research Institute Ningbo branch

Assisted: Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society Material Branch, Zhejiang Magnetic Materials Association, Ningbo Household Electrical Appliance Industry Association, Ningbo Auto Parts Industry Association, Ningbo Steel Association, Ningbo Electroplating Associations, Ningbo Foundry Industry Association, Ningbo Shipping Industry Association, Ningbo Plastic Industry Association,Ningbo Spectacle Industry Association, Ningbo Lighting Electrical Industry Association, NingboSewing Machinery Industry Association, Ningbo Hutch Defends Industrial Association, Ningbo Lighter Industry Association, Ningbo Materials Institute

Host: Ningbo RiverEast Tongxin Xxhibition Co., LTD,Ningbo Hardware Products Industry Association

Meanwhile, holding 2018 Ningbo Metal materials, Metal and

Auxiliary Equipment Exhibition

【 industry background 】

With China's electronic and electrical industry rapid rising, China has become the largest global magnetic materials production, consumer country.

After 20 years of construction and development, China has formed a variety of magnetic materials system, the main categories magnetic material output occupies No.1 in the world.

Chinese magnetic material industry with rich resources and Labour's advantage, and huge domestic and international market support, will have a stable development period.

Yangtze river delta south erea taking Ningbo as the center, its manufacturing and new

high technology industries is highly developed; meanwhile, the erea gathers numerous foreign capital enterprise production, processing base, which enterprises produced huge market demand for all kinds of magnetic materials.

“The China (ningbo) New Material and Industrialization International Forum” which sponsored by Ningbo Government and the Chinese mechanical engineering society, has successfully held four sessions, invited hundreds of experts and scholars attending, and developed into a influential academic event in the domestic and international materials industry.

The exhibition is a divided activities of Forum, by then the experts and scholars will gather in the exhibition, and discusses together on magnetic materials and small motor industry prospect.

【 key audience invitng range 】

Domestic and international each region communications manufacturers, home appliance manufacturers, IT producers, automobile manufacturers, computer manufacturers, medical equipment manufacturers, electronic transformer manufacturers, motor manufacturer, toy manufacturers, lighting manufacturers, instrumentation, aerospace industries company executives people to visit and discuss purchase.

【 exhibition range 】

1, permanent magnetic materials: rare earth permanent magnet, nickel and cobalt ferrite permanent magnet, aluminum and sticking permanent magnet;

2, soft magnetic materials: soft magnetic ferrite materials, metal soft magnetic, various magnetic alloys, amorphous-nanocrystalline soft magnetic, anti-electromagnetic interference material and devices (EMI, EMC) and storage devices such as magnetic recording tapes;

3, Various kinds of magnetic stripe and plastic magnetic products such as refrigerator and water dispenser, level editor, burglary-resisting door and furniture, bar code system, etc.

4, production magnetic materials special preparation: powder compressor, sintering furnace, pulverizer, mixing machine, mixer, dryer, the ball mill, the cutting machine, slicing machine, the magnetization machine, vacuum sintering furnace equipment, surface grinder, ultrasonic cleaning machine, magnetic materials work molds etc;

5, instrument and meter and control, detection technology and equipment for producing magnetic materials: such as laser particle size analyzer, X fluorescence analyzer, crushing mixing degree analyzer, magnetic field meter, magnetic powder accused of injury instrument and related inspection instruments and the magnetization machine, demagnetism machine;

6, all kinds of motor: including computer peripherals with motor, industrial automation use machine, automobile motor, electric car motor, communication equipment, audio-visual equipment with motor with motor, office automation use electric motor, electric appliance with motor, photography with motor, photographic equipment using the robot motor, aerospace, medical instruments with motor with motor, light industry machinery with motor, ultrasonic micro-motor and toy motors and general industrial motors and other kinds of small motor.

7, power and electronic transformers and relays, small household electrical appliances and transformer, acoustic, speaker magnetic conductor inductance components and other electronic components;

【 Exhibition Schedule 】

Check-in, exhibit 2018 September 11-12(08:30 ~ 17:00)

Exhibition opened in 2018 September 13-15(09:00 ~ 17:00)

Uninstall exhibition 2018 September 15 12th (13:00)

【participation fee 】

International: A area 2,500 dollars, B area 1,800 dollars

Domestic: A area 7,800 RMB, B area 6,800 RMB

(note: a single double open standard booth fee position up-floating 10%)

1, standard booth: carpet, three surface around the board, enterprise fascia board, a table for two chairs, two small shoot the light, a 220V socket (banned in equipment).

2, light ground: all configuration without the Standard Booth

If self or entrust structures, should pay for the construction management fee, QingJieFei, booth fee and utilities pays, please see the detail price in the “exhibitor manual”.

【 participation method 】

Please ask for your participation contract from the organizing committee, fill in relative content according to the rule, and signed by the director, affix the Unit’s seal and post one in duplicate by mail or fax to the organizing committee, the organizing committee will sign and seal as soon as possible by mail or fax to you.

Within one week of the contract taking effect, please remit the exhibition fees to the organizing committee, and the committee will arrange the booths according to the order of enrolment and payment sequence.

You can click here to download "exhibitor manual"

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