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ChinaMach 3/14/2019 - 3/17/2019 China International Machinery Industry Exhibition

Date: 3/14/2019 - 3/17/2019

Venue: Ningbo International Convention & Exhibition Center, Ningbo, China

China International Machinery Industry Exhibition (Ningbo INT'L Industrial Robotics and Intelligent Processing Exhibition) will be holding in Ningbo International Trade Mart & Exhibition Center.


Scope of exhibition: Machine Tool Equipment Exhibition Area: Metal cutting machine tools: machining centers, CNC machine tools, milling machines, grinders, saws, drills, EDM/WEDM and other die processing equipment, engraving machines, etc. Metal forming machine tools: punch/forging machine/die casting machine/cold heading machine, hardware processing equipment; Laser processing/sheet metal equipment exhibition area: Laser cutting, flame/plasma cutting, various welding equipment, shears, shears, benders, pipe benders, etc. Workload Cutting Tools/Machine Tool Components/Factory Equipment Exhibition Area: All kinds of cutting tools, measuring tools, moulds, abrasives and other machine tool peripherals and wear and tear products; CNC system/drive/feed chip removal/motor/fixture and other functional components; Handling equipment, automatic warehouse, industrial furnaces, heat treatment, painting/plating equipment; Testing equipment, automatic single machine, machine tool accessories, factory logistics equipment and three-dimensional warehouse; Robot/Intelligent Machining Exhibition Area: Robots and functional components/development platform/software/supporting equipment, industrial robot application solutions, AGV/trolley, etc. Intelligent Machining/Intelligent Factory Equipment, Automation Equipment, Flexible Machining Technology, Automation Production Line; Robot accessories: sensor, gun changer, cable harness, pipe envelope, connector, encoder, lithium battery, rack, etc. Robot application equipment: vision equipment, guide rail, laser/welding/spraying/cutting equipment; Industrial Automation: Control System (PLG, SCADA, etc.), Assembly and Handling System, Linear Positioning System, Measurement and Test System, Sensors and Actuators, Machine Vision Technology Equipment, Drive/Mechanical Drive System, Servo Motor and Frequency Converter, Electrical Control System and Switching Equipment, Wire and Cable Accessories, Intelligent Measurement and Control Technology and Software;( Nondestructive Testing, Additional Manufacturing (3D Printing)

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