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12-14 Nov 2019 23RD Wine & Spirits ProWine China Shanghai

12-14 Nov 2019

"International trade exhibtion for food and beverage industry." Wine & Spirits China is the leading trade show for international companies looking to introduce their products into the Chinese market. It guarantees quality exhibitors and trade visitors, providing an effective trading platform for the food and drinks industry. It acts as a vital hub for gaining valuable market insights, learning consumer trends and discovering the latest innovation.


After 23 years of development, FHC has become the industry's leading trade show. It is a platform for food and hospitality industry to enter the Chinese food and beverage market.

The last exhibition hosted 3,000 exhibitors from 48 countries and regions. The exhibition area has expanded to 120,000 square meters, and the scale is beyond the past. The three-day exhibition welcomed 118,274 professional visitors, and the attendance rate increased by 23% compared with the past, making the exhibition hall full of vitality and vitality.

Looking ahead to 2019, the FHC exhibition area will increase by 50% to an unprecedented 180,000 square meters. The major professional exhibition areas and a wide range of international events are all very exciting. Three new pavilions were added to meet the needs of domestic and international audiences at FHC for international food and service.

The show invites local or international importers, distributors, retailers and food service professionals to meet and connect with food manufacturers from around the world to find new business partners and shape the future of the Chinese food and hospitality market.

Participating countries and regions


Highly authoritative professional exhibition of the industry Technologies covering all industries including food, beverage, meat, seafood, oil, dairy products, fresh produce, beer, bakery, tea and coffee, chocolate, Wines and Spirits, Restaurant and Foodservice Supplies & Services, etc.

Gathering processing and packaging enterprises from all over the world 2450 participants from 69 countries and regions, including delegations from America, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Australia and Denmark.

Eye-catching forums and activities at the site This show is supported by high-end summits, professional international forums, conferences of famous enterprise, international culinary arts competition, coffee events, etc. to provide matchmaking and business relationship to the professionals of global food and beverage enterprises engaged in business expansion.


CEA delegate team members very happy with this business trip and they met with many suppliers and factories and learn new technology and get many experiences. I hope that we will have long-term partnership and more collaboration in the future. I am looking forward to see you and your team again in the next event. -- Ms. SOUS Chan Chhorporn / President / Cambodian Entrepreneurs Association

We have collaborated with FHC for more than ten years, and the show is keeping growing. FHC has the high quality and move on the new stage, the scale of the show is getting larger, attracted more members to attend, broke the record of the number of visitors this year, we hope to have deeper cooperation with FHC in future. -- Mr. Shen Siming / Honorary President of Shanghai Restaurants & Cuisine Association

FHC means high quality, more and more company members register and come to attend this exhibition. The scale of the show is expanding and having various food products, so that many companies planned to spend much time learning products interested in. --Ms. Bian Yumin / Secretary-General / Heilongjiang Drink Industry Association

This exhibition is very successful. More and more companies are interested in FHC and they established more contacts of cooperation partners at the exhibition --Mr. Qi Fangxian / Secretary General / Changzhou Food Industry Association

We benefit a lot from the Fresh Marketplace held in the exhibition. Either learn product sourcing strategies and business models, or get more incentive thoughts from the forum. --Mr. Peter Zhu / Procurement Director / Pagoda Orchard

This year, the scale of the show is larger and the exhibitors are much more than last year. There are lots of meat from UK and more snacks products from Europe. We collected exhibitors information to purchasing department and will build deeper relationship with the exhibitors in the next step soon. --Mr. Zuo Xu / Operation Manager / Shanghai Zhongfu International Trade Co. Ltd.

About 500 trade visitors were attracted by "Power of Bakery 2017", all China bakery industry development congress. The activity of the Revival of Traditional Pastry especially achieved people's eyes and other on-site activities were also very popular. We expect to expand the cooperation again with FHC in 2018. --Mr. Shan Zhiming / Secretary-General / ALL CHINA BAKERY ASSOCIATION

FHC this year is very successful, and having more visitors than before. The pizza competition is well organised which attracted more audience, our sponsors and judges all confessed FHC is the leading imported food show in China. --Ms. Yvonne Liu / PMQ Magazine

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