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23-26 Nov 2021 International Shenzhen Metal Casting Show

Organizer: Hong Kong Foundry Industry Association, Paper Communication Exhibition Company

Gather the hot spots of die casting and foundry industry, show the most high-end technology and products

China's die-casting and foundry industry has great potential for development, and companies have made continuous progress in production and product design technology. In recent years, they have made greater strides in automation to increase efficiency and competitiveness. Now, automotive, electronics, communications, metal, aerospace and other fields have put forward higher requirements to the die-casting industry, such as: large-scale automotive die-casting parts and die technology; high-melting-point metal die-casting such as copper alloys and stainless steel and die life; Aluminum alloy high-efficiency die-casting, equipment and molds; practical and effective calculation technology for pouring system; improve the reliability of molten metal filling flow pattern simulation to ensure the quality of large-scale precision and complex die-casting parts; low-cost die-casting molds for multi-variety and small-batch production Rapid manufacturing technology, etc. In order to seize the business opportunities in the growth of the industry and better serve the die casting and foundry manufacturers in South China, the 2019 International (Shenzhen) Foundry Industry Exhibition, Hong Kong Foundry Industry Association will continue to cooperate with Paper Communication, in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province·Shenzhen International Held at the Convention and Exhibition Center (new hall) . Most of the leading companies in the casting industry exhibited enthusiastically and brought unlimited business opportunities. With the accumulation of the successful holding, it will gather the huge energy of the industry and the strong advantages and influence of the casting industry exhibition to create a new peak.

The most professional one-stop exhibition and procurement platform for die casting and molds in South China

As an industry closely related to manufacturing, the prospects of China's die casting and foundry industry are very optimistic. The average annual growth rate of die-casting mold production in my country has reached 25%, which is higher than the total number of molds in the country (average annual growth rate of 18%). Now a die-casting mold production cluster with an annual output value of 10 billion yuan and across the country has formed. South China, as a major manufacturing town in the country, has an eye-catching performance in die casting and casting. The exhibition will attract professional visitors from various industries. According to the analysis of the previous exhibition, 40% of the visitors have clear purchasing needs. Such a high number of professional buyers makes the exhibition contain unlimited business opportunities. They come from: electronics industry, transportation, heavy machinery, automobile and motorcycle industry, lighting hardware, 3C products, toys, accessories, gifts, electrical appliances, sanitary ware and others. After more than 20 years of development, Dongguan has become an important economic and industrial town in the Pearl River Delta. A large number of manufacturers gather here. The International (Dongguan) Casting Industry Exhibition is held in Dongguan, which greatly facilitates many manufacturers and buyers; and the local is mature The supporting facilities and urban environment provide good external conditions for the exhibition.

Advantages of 2019 International (Shenzhen) Foundry Industry Exhibition:

The strongest lineup will be exhibited at the same venue. The 2019 IMCS special hall is located in Hall 10, which is coordinated with DMP's multiple thematic exhibition areas to integrate the entire high-end industry chain. Comprehensive marketing

A powerful database and a variety of promotion methods complement each other . Three-dimensional promotion, through e-mail, fax, direct mail, advertising and media news exposure, etc., conduct intensive online/offline publicity campaigns. . Hundreds of thousands of buyers in South China are the foundation and backing of the exhibition's publicity.

The meticulous and compact visitor invitation plan enhances buyers' willingness to visit . Send invitations directly to high-quality buyers from Fortune 500 companies. . Work closely with relevant associations and media in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, India, Asia and other regions to organize purchasing delegations to visit. . Representatives of the organizing committee personally visited 50 corporate representatives with urgent purchasing needs and invited them one-on-one to attend the meeting.

Use all resources to add value to the exhibition . Actively interact with enterprises, associations and media on the exhibition website to maximize the use of resources from all parties. . Organize educational exhibition activities to show the complete production process to the audience in the most direct way. . Maintaining a high media exposure rate, the exhibition will receive continuous attention from dozens of industries and mass media.

Cooperate with many associations and societies to expand the influence of the exhibition . The exhibition plans to work closely with a number of influential domestic industry associations and societies to jointly make the exhibition bigger and stronger; and actively organize buyers and purchase groups to visit, so that exhibitors can get more returns.

With the huge influence of the Hong Kong Foundry Industry Association, the exhibition has attracted the attention of many industry leaders; and the profound accumulation of the association will also enhance the foresight and professionalism of the exhibition, in the spirit of "advancing with the times" and "growth with the industry." , "Creating new heights" to create a more efficient trading platform for the industry, and provide valuable exchange opportunities for exhibitors and professional buyers. A number of events organized during the exhibition

Symposium -Invite well-known experts and corporate executives at home and abroad to serve as speakers, which is forward-looking and educational. -The gathering of elites is a golden opportunity to meet colleagues in the industry and develop partnerships. -Based on future development trends, seize the opportunity.

Production line display

  • Gathering representative manufacturers to show the audience a panoramic view of every aspect of the manufacturing process, highlighting the exhibition's emphasis on technical exchanges and education.


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