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Asia Label Release Industry Seminar 02 Mar 2021

Alexander Watson Associates

Four Points By Sheraton Guangzhou Dongpu Hotel, Guangzhou, China

About the Seminar

The AWA Asia Label Release Liner Industry Seminar, is the perfect platform for all individuals and organizations who are associated with the pressure-sensitive Label and Release liner market. This can include but is not limited to suppliers, producers, and end-users. The prime location and timing of the event aims to draw industry professionals from around the globe. The pressure-sensitive label market today represents nearly 50% of all Release Liners produced and used. Although Paper Liners still dominate, Film Liners continue to grow at a very fast pace, creating growth opportunities across the value chain. Although future prospects for Release Liners continue to be encouraging, the pressure-sensitive laminate, particularly the Release Liner, is catching attention due to waste issues and high material costs. This year’s seminar will feature presentations from key industry players. They will highlight available release liner and related technologies, discussing today’s pressuring issues, providing up-to-date information on the market and its evolving platforms of opportunities. Topics: • Release Liner Market Overview • Innovation • Recycling & Sustainability • Silicone technology • Latest application trends • End use Perspectives


AWA亚洲标签离型行业研讨会2020是与不干胶标签及离型行业相关的公司和个人的绝佳交流平台。与会嘉宾包括但并不局限于材料供应商,生产厂商,以及终端用户。会议地点与时间的安排旨在吸引全球各地的行业专家的参与。 当前不干胶标签约占整个离型市场的50%。离型纸仍然是市场的主流,但离型膜亦在快速增长,这给整个产业链中的各个环节都带来了发展机会。目前离型产业发展势头良好,但离型废料处理以及材料成本等问题,也为不干胶复合材料行业带来了更多的关注。 本次研讨会将邀请离型行业中的重量级专家做展示分享,重点围绕离型以及相关技术,同时探讨当今离型行业面临的问题,分享最新的市场信息以及不断更新变化的机遇等。 以下为会议主题预览: • 离型市场概述 • 创新 • 资源回收与可持续发展 • 有机硅技术 • 最新应用趋势 • 终端用户展望


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