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The 14th Shanghai InternationalImport and Export Food & Beverage Exhibition 20212021.05.06-08

NECC - Hongqiao • Shanghai


Shanghai International Import and Export Food & Beverage Exhibition 2021


May 5th - 6th, 2021


NECC - Hongqiao • Shanghai

China Shanghai qingpu, songze avenue

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Exhibition Review

Shanghai International Import Food & Beverage Exhibition(FBIE)is a significant exhibition which can’t be missed for imported food & beverage industry in Asia region, and was successfully held in Shanghai dozens of times and with accumulative show space hit over 100,000 square meters. It attracted thousands of outstanding imported food& beverage suppliers which from more than 40 countries all over the world, also attracted millions of professional buyers at home and abroad in the field of food area. Along with the exhibition, the concurrent events include “International Import & Export Food Policy, Laws and Regulations Summit”, “International Cross-border E-commerce Summit”, “Overseas Processing Enterprises Sanitary Registration Symposium”, “Supervision and Administration on the Labeling of Imported Food”, “Excellent Chef Cooking Creative Championship”, “Tasting Party of Imported Food Material” , “World Wine Master Class”, “International Traveling Catering Service Buyer Presentation” and other several activities will attract the attention from international organizations and colleagues within the industry. FBIE has been marching to be the most influential exhibition in import food& beverage industry in Asia region, which based on the strong support of the massive demands of China’s market and Shanghai as windows, the fair is expected to see a significant increase in terms of scale, level and numbers of professional buyers on the existing basis. This exhibition will be the rare opportunity for food& beverage enterprises from all over the world to communicate, trade negotiation, expand business and enhance brand. We believe that FBIE CHINA-Shanghai exhibitions will bring more gains and joy for exhibitors at home and abroad.

New Opportunity

To provide a publicity, display and trading platform for Import and Export food& beverage enterprises over the world, the organizer of this exhibition, Golden Commercial and related industry institutions, will hold the The 14th Shanghai International Import Food & Beverage Exhibition 2021 on May 06-08, 2021 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). The exhibition will rely on Shanghai's unique geographical advantages and huge market demand and create a Asia Pacific top influential Import and Export Food& Beverage industry event. We hope the exhibition can provide a window and platform for global Import and Export food& beverage enterprises' entering Chinese market, which has more than 500 million main consumer groups.

Concurrent Activities

During the exhibition, “International Import & Export Food Policy, Laws and Regulations Summit”, “International Cross-border E-commerce Summit”, “Training on National Standard of Food Safety””, “Tasting Party of China Imported Food Material”, “International Traveling Catering Service Buyer Presentation” and other several activities will be held. These activities are the best platforms which aim to deliver the latest and most comprehensive industry news and information to all participants.

Major exhibits

• Sweet food, chocolate, and snack food;

• Cookies, cakes and bakery;

• Dairy products, milchigs and egg products;

• Cans, meat products and aquatic products;

• Infant food,nourishment and health food;

• Fruits, vegetables, grain and agricultural and sideline products;

• Edible oil, olive oil and grain and oil products;

• Condiment and food ingredients;

• Vegetable and fruit juice and the fruit vinegar beverage;

• Coffee and Tea, etc;

Target audiences

• Nearly 500 big middle high store supermarkets in eastern China; nearly 500 four-star hotels; nearly 3800 high-end restaurants and hypermarkets, duty-free shops, evening show, and high-end clubs; nearly 1000 business institutions in Shanghai, including Global 500 enterprises China head offices, overseas enterprises, business corporations, international buyers China purchasing office, and international business institutions; nearly 38,000 food and beverages enterprises, food purchasers, food traders, food wholesalers, food importers and exporters and Internet marketers, etc.

• Food and beverages dealers, distributors, traders and producers; buyers and quality restriction staff of malls, supermarkets and exclusive shops; buyers of catering and restaurants, western restaurants; consumers and other related persons, etc

• General merchandise stores and ordinary supermarkets: GMS and ordinary supermarket purchasing centers, beverages purchasing managers, wine sales managers, GMS and ordinary supermarket managers, etc.

• Cafe, hotel and restaurant: all kinds of hotels, night clubs and restaurants, chain restaurants and chain hotels, etc.

• Duty free operation lines: duty free operators, ship tools merchants, duty free shops, airline companies with purchasing centers, Cruise and ferry companies with purchasing centers, etc.

• E-business lines: food and beverages website designers and buyers, etc.


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